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To our farmers... a fair pricing structure - delivering a sustainable return and hands on support from our experienced team.

To our customers... state of the art packing facilities & equipment, leading agricultural standards, innovation & technical expertise and a free range only guarantee.

To our hens... welfare guaranteed. From the purpose built hen houses to the ranges of open meadowland, enriched with trees and shrubs - all are approved by the RSPCA Freedom Foods Scheme & all there to provide as natural an environment as possible for our hens.
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To the environment... whether on farm, at our packing centre or through our supply chain we believe in fewer food miles and minimising our impact on the environment. In fact we even go so far as to plant trees on all our farms to not only enhance the welfare of our hens but also reduce our carbon footprint. This leaves you free to enjoy deliciously fresh free range eggs laid & packed locally in East Anglia.
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