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Dudley Southgate
Born & raised in Norfolk on his family’s farm, Dudley studied Agricultural Management at Easton Agricultural College. Returning to the family farm, Dudley had already diversified into outdoor pigs when the opportunity came in 2000 for him to buy another farm just down the road from the family farm. This led to his first free range laying hen farm & now 80,000 hens later he has gone from strength to strength & never looked back.

Father to 2 boys, Dudley & his partner Zoe have also just welcomed beautiful baby Sofia to the family. A keen sportsman, Dudley supports Norwich City Football as well as his local Rugby & Cricket teams, known also to enjoy the odd shoot Dudley is also a regular on the swiss ski slopes. If he could pass just one law, Dudley would ban the importing of inferior welfare standard product into the UK & his favourite way to enjoy eggs would be Eggs Benedict with lots of Hollandaise sauce!

Information line: 01953 458460
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