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Randolph Ford
Although allegedly now retired, Randolph can still be found working most days on the farm where he was originally born & raised. Throughout his working life his goal has been to grow & improve the farm & always to maintain the highest possible standards. From small beginning the farm now spans 850 acres, and as well as arable is also home to 450 pigs & 48,000 Free Range Egg Laying Hens.

Married to Sue, Randolph is father to 3 sons & 1 daughter. His sons have now taken over the day to day running of the farm, which leaves Randolph free to enjoy the odd days shooting, an annual ski holiday & a good game of bowls. He is always available though, to either help with the egg collecting or offer some good advice. Following Tony Hancocks advice of ‘Go to work on an egg’ Randolph starts each day with a boiled egg for breakfast.

Information line: 01953 458460
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